KSA Sea Sand Resistant Vacuum Solar Water Heating Panel

KSA Vacuum Solar Thermal Panel

A World leading flat plate, vertically mounted collector without collection pipes, intended for applications in systems equipped with circulating pumps.


It consists of a one piece forged metal casing to which safety solar glass is fixed by means of a frame made from non-corrosive aluminium profile.


Stamped from a single Al-Mg sheet, the absorber fins have a high selective conversion layer which fold around the meandering copper pipe. The flanged connection pipes are connected to the hydraulic circuit by patented connection clamps.


The collectors can be connected in series, up to 10 panels in total.


Krypton can be used as a replacement of the residual gas inside the collector to enhance weather performance.

(Maximum 224⁰C or 374⁰F)

Special solar glass, consisting of thermically pre-stressed, hardened white glass, tested in accordance with ISO for hail stone resistance.


Surrounding frame with integral groove to seal the collector to roof join.

High temperature resistant elastic support elements to absorb and transmit atmospheric pressure from the pane of glass to the membrane at base of the housing.


Patented connection clamp for pressure sealed link up to adjacent collector and system piping without soldering or welding.


Stagnation temperature Maximum 224⁰C (at standard testing conditions -30⁰C, 1000W/m², IAM=1.5). This stops overheating and the need for a heat dump.

Sports Stadium Water & Heating Powered by Solar Thermal Collectors

One piece construction (Al Mg) of the trough and frame (me- chanical joints) combined with a compression, vacuum proof design means long panel lifespan.


Evacuation connection to create and maintain vacuum. The panels can be evacuated and re-evacuated from inside property without having to access the roof.

Integrated roof piping which maintains the building aesthetics.


Surrounding vacuum sealing ring made of superior heat resistant and age resistant material. The sealed panel protects the absorber from sea salt & sand/dust corrosion as well as improving the efficiency of the panel.


Absorber with plated, highly selective, aluminium oxide coating in thin layer technology for low loss light-heat conversion with quick transfer of heat to

heat transfer pipe. 


Meandering heat transfer pipe consisting of compression proof copper piping.


KSA Vacuum Panel Data Information Sheet
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